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FLIR M400xr

Gyro-Stabilized Multi-Sensor Maritime Night Vision System with Video Tracking and Firefighting Software


 High intensity LED spot light

 HD Color low-light camera with 30x optical zoom

 High resolution 640x480 thermal sensor with optical zoom 18° to 6° horizontal field of view

 Gyro-stabilized to ensure steady viewing in heavy sea conditions

 Rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure with 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capacity

 Easy-to-use joystick control unit

  Video Tracking and Firefigting Software 

Key Features

Radar tracking identifies and tracks specified radar returns, enhancing vessel safety when visibility is low.

Integrated video tracking. Lock on and automatically follow objects as long as they’re in view of camera.

Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) assures a crisp thermal image, even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.


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Special Price and Terms Available for Armed Forces, First Responders, Homeland Security, and Federal, State or Local Government Agencies

New Multi-Sensor Marine Thermal Night Vision

The FLIR M400XR Thermal Night Vision Camera is a versatile, high-performance pan / tilt marine camera system designed for best-in-class short and long range target identification. The M400XR’s advanced 640x480 sensor delivers crisp thermal video images in total darkness and low-light conditions. An integrated HD color visible camera and tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added Safety.

The M400XR has a continuous optical zoom lens (up to 4X) that allows operators to see other vessels and targets at longer ranges. Active gyro-stabilization ensures a steady image, plus radar tracking and optional video tracking keep potentially dangerous targets in view at all times.



Sensor Type 640 x 480 Vox Microbolometer
Field of View 18° to 6° HFOV / 1.5° HFOV with e-zoom
Focal Length 35 mm (Wide) to 105 mm (Narrow)
E-Zoom 1X to 4X
Imaging Processing FLIR DDE
Detector Type Long range color daylight and low light viewing
Resolution High Definition up to 1080/30p
Minimum Illumination >0.5 lux at 50 IRE / .05 Lux in ICR Mode (B/W)
Zoom 30X Optical Zoom
Focal Length 129 mm to 4.3 mm
Field of View 64° to 2.3° Optical HFOV / 0.2 NFOV e-zoom
Type LED
Lumens 580
Beam 5° Divergence Angle
Video Tracking Yes (XR)
Pan/Tilt Coverage 360° Continuous Pan, +/-90° Tilt
Video Output Dual, independent H.264 Network Video Streams
HD-SDI Lossless Digital Video Interface
High Definition Serial Data Interface
Broadcast-quality video output
Provides HD video over coax cable
Switchable Composite Analog Video Output (SD) NTSC or PAL
Integration Options IP Control by FLIR Joystick, PC,and Web Browser
Integration with leading Multifunction Navigation Displays (Nexus SDK)
FLIR Sensors Manager Integration
RS-485/422 Serial Control by Pelco D
NMEA 0183 Serial Communications (for radar tracking)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 55 deg C
Storage Temperature Range -50°C to 80°C
Automatic Window Defrost Standard
Typical Configuration Camera Head, Joystick Control Unit, Cables, & Operator Manual
Glass-filled top down riser
Warranty 2 Year / 3 years with registration