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Search and Rescue Patterns (SAR Patterns)

Search Patterns are now available with LightHouse II Release 16 to assist Coast Guard & Law Enforcement, and others, users in SAR (Search & Rescue) scenarios.

The search pattern feature will allow the creation of ‘Sector Search’, ‘Expanding Square’ & ‘Creeping/Parallel Line’, using tidal drift and speed values.

  • Create Sector, Expanding Square, Creeping Line and Parallel Line patterns.
    • Initiate by pressing Chart / Menu / Navigate / Search Patterns
  • Use default parameters or modify based on SARCOM or unseen instructions.
    • Enter Commence Search Point (CSP). Often also referred to as Last Known Position (LKP) or datum.
  • Enter Set and Drift to create a pattern that takes into account current and adjust the pattern accordingly as the datum shifts in the water.

  • Enhanced Waypoint Lat/Lon entry via Rotary/OK input method

    Quick Waypoint by Lat/Lon entry is needed when wanting to respond to a distressed vessel. The interaction of the Rotary and OK button has been improved when touch entry is not possible do to rough sea state.