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FLIR Ocean Scout 320

Handheld thermal imaging camera for maritime navigation.

336 × 256 VOx Microbolometer
17° x 13° NTSC
9Hz Thermal Imaging Camera
x2 Zoom
  P/N 432-0009-22-00S

*Register camera at to upgrade to a 3-year Parts & Labor, 10-year detector warranty for free.

Price: $2,499.00


 For express service call 1 305-989-8875
Special Price and Terms Available for Armed Forces and Federal, State or Local Government Agencies


Ocean Scout Features

Enhanced Awareness - See marine traffic and navigation aids at night

  • Quickly scan your surroundings for other vessels
  • Easily recognize buoys in river channels or open water
  • Detect key landmarks like islands or docks

Steer Clear - Boat with confidence day or night

  • Avoid obstacles, such as rocks, floating logs, and other debris
  • Be aware of kayakers, personal watercraft, and small boats without lights
  • Detect marine mammals above the water surface

Stay Safe - A lifesaving tool for a "man overboard" emergency

  • Locate the body heat of anyone in the water
  • Quickly identify overboard people and pets
  • InstAlert™ mode highlights the hottest objects in red

Ocean Scout Thermal Range

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