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The Charge MPLS is the natural evolution of personal task lights, with the flexi-neck design that gets spot illumination to the
task at hand. New for the Charge is the addition of a higher power Maxbright LED with a wide beam pattern that makes bright
light easily accessible with a two-second press of the button. A momentarily press of the button illuminates a cluster of three
Ultrabright LEDs, available in choice of red, blue, green, infrared or R/B/IR and R/G/IR combinations.

The Manta Strobe has been upgraded with clear side buttons and a clear baseplate to allow full illumination of the strobe housing. Improved tactile feedback on the buttons makes changing modes easier and more intuitive.

Now included with each Manta Strobe is the Manta Webbing adapter, which allows the strobe to be attached to webbing up to 2" wide.

  • - Zero overt light AD….
  • - 100% user confidence in Infrared Mode with vibrating feedback
  • - Intuitive One-handed operation
  • - Multiple Infrared and Overt LEDs generate an overlapping and omnidirectional light emission
  • - Curved base specifically for helmets
  • - Lightest weight and lowest profile in its power class
  • - Tool-less battery change out, 3V CR-123
  • - Downward (”Low”) facing Infrared Emitter (positive IFF for close in work with minimal glare)
  • - Upward (“High”) facing Infrared Emitters (multiple emitters delivering a peak IR signal for maximum distance)
  • - IPX8 = Manufacturer Rated – Waterproof 150’, Zero water penetration in Main Housing or Partitioned Battery Compartment
  • - Primary Overt LED/s are visible beyond the FAR105.19 requirement (3 Statute Miles)

Patent # 8,444,291, Patent # 8,485,286, Patent # 8,882,292, Additional Patents Pending

The Manta Strobe is available for procurement through DLA, DOD EMall, TLS, & GSA with the following National Stock Number/s(NSN):

  • MS-0011  (Green Overt)  NSN# 6210016298285
  • MS-0011NONIR (Non-IR)
  • MS-0012  (IR Low/High White)
  • MS-0013  (White Overt LED)
  • MS-0014  (Green/White Jump Version)
  • MS-0015  (IR Low/High Jump Version) NSN# 6230016302690