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STRONG ENTERPRISES Emergency Parachutes

Para-Cushion AcroPro

$2,399.00 - W/Mid-Lite 26' Canopy

The AcroPro  is designed with Aerobatic pilots in mind. At just 14 lbs., this lightweight, thin and comfortable pack supports the pilot during high G maneouvers while maintaining comfort and safety.

AcroPro comes with:

  • Harness/Container
  • Mid-Lite Parachute if desired or C-9 (call for price)
  • Ripcord
  • Lil Grabber Pilot Chute
  • Carry Bag
  • DVD Manual

PN: 98790809


The AcroPro measures 21" tall by 23"  wide by 3.5 thick, and weights approximately 14 lbs.

In many cases, by removing the back cushion of seat pan, the pilot may place tha AcroPro in its place.

Choose Standard or Aerobatic harness at no extra charge

TSO  C23c cat. B & SAE AS-8015A


Choose from Stock Colors or Custom Colors.