BL Amber Backlight Eye Relief Filter  

PVS-14, PVS-7, PVS-15, PVS-18

The Wilcox Filter Assemblies are drop-in replacements for the standard eye cups featured on some of the most popular Night Vision Devices. These filters feature an amber-tinted, Wavelength-Controlled Polycarbonate lens that effectively cancels out most of the green light backsplash that occurs when NVG’s are used. The green light spill is an unavoidable trait in all night vision and can compromise the location of the operator, especially in open terrain where light can travel for great distance. The filter’s lens is framed with a matte black rubber pad that helps protect the user’s eye socket from impact during high intensity operations and securely pops onto the back of the NVG.

The Achilles heel of night vision operation has always been the green back splash of light on the operator’s face. While not the same as a spot light, the green spill is definitely noticeable and can compromise your position, especially in wide open desert terrain. This effect is doubled when using binocular style NVD’s. When stealth is a concern (and let’s face it: stealth is always a concern), we can think of no more important accessory for your night vision optics than the Wilcox Filter Assembly. These things are, quite simply, spectacular! They are lightweight, cost effective, and retrofit directly onto your existing optics with no tools required. When the amber lens is overlayed on the green image produced by the NVD, a slight yellow tint is observed. But, in no way does this negatively impact the image or resolution. We have been running Wilcox Filter Assemblies on our PVS-14’s for a while and could not be happier with the results! An estimated 80-90% of the green light spill is eliminated. Another bonus to using the filter is that it provides an extra level of protection to the ocular lens and acts like a demist shield.

Please note that the Wilcox Filter Assemblies come in two versions designed to fit the most widely-used night vision devices. Please make sure you pick the right one for your needs.  The model that fits the AN/PVS-14, 15, 18, and 23 comes with an adapter ring.  The ring is only necessary when using it with the AN/PVS-14 and AN/PVS-23.  The adapter ring is not necessary when attaching the Amber Filter to the AN/PVS-15 or AN/PVS-18.

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