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FLIR First Mate II  HM-224b

Handheld thermal imaging camera for maritime navigation.

     FIRST MATE II                               

InstAlert™ has now been added to our FIRST MATE II series. This feature highlights the hottest objects in a scene.

240×180 Resolution
19mm Focal Length
24°(H) x 18°(V) FOV
Freeze Frame
P/N 432-0004-31-00S

Price: $2,999.00


 For express service call 1 800-520-1990
Special Price and Terms Available for Armed Forces and Federal, State or Local Government Agencies

The FLIR First Mate II  HM-224b handheld camera is the all new night time camera with a 240x180 resolution, 19mm focal length, and 24° × 18° field of view. The First Mate II HM-224b allows you to Freeze Frame specific views while using the camera. FLIR's First Mate II family of handheld thermal night vision cameras give mariners on any type of vessel the power to see clearly in total darkness. The FLIR First Mate HM-224 uses the same technology as FLIR's best-in-class Navigator II, Voyager II, and M-Series thermal night vision systems, First Mate II gives every boater the information they need to operate more safely night and day.

Using a high-quality thermal imaging core, the First Mate II HM-224b provides better image clarity and detail than earlier systems, so boaters can see more of their surroundings than with any other night vision technology in the world. FLIR's advanced image-processing algorithms produce crisp, clear thermal video day and night.

1. Shuttered Eyepiece: Keeps light from coming out of the viewfinder, helping the operator to stay covert.

2.Multiple lens options available: Choose the 19mm lens with 24° field of view (and its optional 2× optical extender), or the longer-range 65mm lens with 7° field of view for maximum standoff viewing capability.

3.Rugged design: All-weather design is built to withstand the demands of day-in, day-out law enforcement operations. It’s even submersible.

4.Hot Shoe Attachment: The included “hot shoe” attachment provides power-in and RCA composite video-out connections while maintaining the camera’s tripod mounting capability.

5.Two-sided Hand Strap: Accommodates both default-handed and right-handed users.

6.Battery Compartment: Four rechargeable AA NiMH batteries are good for more than six hours of continuous operation. H-Series also runs on standard non-rechargeable alkaline and Lithium Ion AA batteries.
  • See people, vessels, and navigation hazards in total darkness. First Mate's VOx microbolometer provides high-quality imaging for a fraction of the cost of comparable cameras, giving sailors the detailed thermal imagery, cutting edge performance, and improved detection and recognition ranges they need in total darkness, even through smoke, dust, and light fog.
  • See faint heat signatures from things that radar can miss like floating debris and bridge abutments in any lighting conditions; because First Mate cameras see heat, not light, they see things the naked eye can't.
  • See more – and see farther – than with other night vision technologies. Because First Mate thermal cameras see clearly without any light whatsoever, they can see farther at night than technologies that need ambient light to work and they can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find.