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FLIR M 400

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Single-Sensor Gyrostabilized Maritime Night Vision System


640 X 480 Microbolometer
25º x 20º FOV (NTSC)
25 mm
2x - 4x
Next Generation thermal core and optics



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The FLIR M-625S 25mm single-sensor thermal maritime camera with a 640 x 480 resolution and 25ºx20º field of view comes complete with a 2x & 4x e-zoom on a sturdy gimbal mount, which allows you to mount the camera flat or hanging upside-down.

The FLIR M-Series re-defines the maritime single-sensor system design, drawing on FLIR's 25 years of experience in building combat-proven airborne and maritime thermal imagers for militaries, Coast Guards, and governmental agencies around the world. If you want to use a tougher, better-performing FLIR, you'll have to join the Special Forces.

The M-Series also comes equipped with an easy to use controller which is simple to use, provides precise system control, and lets users access all of the important camera functions with push-button controls. The Controller allows the user to select various settings and options, there are also features to control color balance and select specific color pallets for specific scenarios


M-Series Features:

• 640x480 thermal imaging, M-Series cameras provide four-times the thermal resolution and more than twice the range performance compared to other systems. M-Series cameras let you see more – and see farther – than ever before. Even in the dead of night.

• Automatic window heaters keep both sets of optics free of ice to deliver crystal clear video.

• 2X and 4X e-zoom functions give the thermal camera best-in-class range performance.

• Mount gimbal ball-up or ball-down for added flexibility.




• Simple Ethernet connections and IP addressability make the system simple to install and easy to control.

• Proprietary, patent-pending, image enhancement algorithms called Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) let all of FLIR's front-line products see more in the most challenging conditions.

• Standard video signal displays on any monitor with an auxiliary video input.

• Watch thermal and lowlight video simultaneously on multiple displays or single multi-function display.


Model Part Numbers
FLIR M-625S 25mm: 432-0003-13-00 NTSC 30HZ - SP
  432-0003-13-00S NTSC 9HZ - SP
  432-0003-14-00 PAL 25HZ - SP