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STRONG ENTERPRISES Emergency Parachutes

Strong 26' Mid-Lite Emergency Parachute

The Mid-Lite 26' is a highly reliable 24 gore canopy, tested at 5,000 lbs. shock load, built to withstand rigors of an emergency bail-out. In production since 1987, the MidLite has proven time and time again that is the most rugged and reliable reserve parachute you can own.

Mid-Lite 26' comes with:

  • Canopy
  • Lines
  • Risers


TSO  C23c cat. B  & SAE AS-8015A



Canopy Shape Conical   Canopy Material 30-50 cfm (PIA-C-44378d)
Size (diameter) 26' Turn Speed Approx. 7 sec
Number of Gores 24 Forward Speed 6-8 mph (10-12 km/h)
Line Length 17'6" Opening Time 1.1 - 2.3 sec
Panels Per Gore 4 Rate of Descent 185. fps @ 225 lbs (5.7 mps)
Suspension Line Material Type 1A Canopy Weight Approx. 7 lbs
Suspension Line Strength 400 lbs Maximum Weight 254 lbs (115 kg)


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