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Universal Night Sight (UNS)

 GS-07F0235U    To talk to a representative, please call 305-989-8875
Special Price and Terms Available for Armed Forces and Federal, State or Local Government Agencies.
Manufacturer: FLIR
NSN: 5855-01-531-5726
 FLIR PVS-22 UNS Specifications 

The AN/PVS-22 Pinnacle Universal Night Sight (UNS) made by FLIR is one the most reliable and easiest to use night vision sighting system ever fielded.  It mounts in front of any daytime weapon sight delivering high quality intensified image directly into focal plane of the sight.  The system is parallax-free and requires no re-zeroing or additional boresighting. It also retains all the features of the daytime scope it is coupled with, such as reticle illumination and variable magnification.  

The UNS was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, it contains no prisms or other complicated optical systems that can go out of alignment.  It also incorporates manually adjustable gain control, which allows the user to adjust image brightness (gain) to match the surrounding environment or other user-specific requirements.

The UNS is lightweight, rugged and adaptable to almost any weapon, with a MIL-STD-1913 railing system.

The AN/PVS-22 is only available in one configuration with Autogated Gen 3 Pinnacle tube.  For sale only to  DOD and Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies.


 The AN/PVS-22 Universal Night Sight has the following features:
-Much smaller and lighter than units of similar performance

- Proprietary Shock Mitigation System (SMS)
- Uses Mil Spec Pinnacle image intensifiers
- Installs and removes without requiring boresight adjustment and without affecting boresight
- 1X design maintains boresight despite normal misalignments due to mount position errors
- Installs directly on front universal rail: Needs no additional mount on top of day scope
- Uses small, high-resolution optics to take full advantage of the image tube resolution
- Does not alter sighting defaultline (parallax is unchanged from dayscope)
- Small enough to fit in front of any day optic
- Equivalent in performance to much larger units
- Factory aligned to permanently maintain boresight without adjustment
- Maintains boresight through focus
- No beam-splitter or folded optics to go out of alignment
- Could be used standalone at unity magnification with up to 8x eye relief at full field
- 40 mm exit pupil fills riflescope aperture, maintaining full pupil diameter at the eye
- Fast f/1.15 catadioptric objective
- Over 2000 units fielded

 Magnification 1x
 Field of view 13
 Focus range 10mm - ∞
 Objective Lens 68mm, f/1.12
 Battery 2 "AA"
 Battery Life 40 hrs
 Dimensions 3"x7"x3"
 Weight 1.9 lb