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Military Binoculars
Built with military-grade precision and optical quality, proven in every theater, these are the binoculars you want with you when visual superiority is mission-critical.
Steiner 2680 M830r LRF 8x30 Binocular with Laser Range Finder, Reticle
Steiner 2681 M830 R LRF 8X30 1535
Steiner 2682 M1050r LRF 10x50 binocular with laser range finder, reticle
Steiner 2670 M1580 15x80
Steiner 2693 M1580c 15X80 compass  
Steiner 2675 M2080 20x80
Steiner 2690 M750rc 7x50rc
Steiner 2640 M830r 8x30r

ST2650 7x50 m750RC *
STEINER 2651 7x50 M750r LPF Gen II

STEINER 2652 7x50 M750r LPF Gen III

ST 2664 M1050r (SUMR)10x50R LPF GEN II *
ST 2665 M1050r (SUMR)10x50R LPF GEN III
ST 2663 M1050r 10x50 reticle
BT Adapter - M8x30r LRF 1535